Paranormal Central Bigfoot Report 5-4-2014

Posted by K R on

Tonight's bigfoot pictures on Dark Matter Radio Network at 5p pdt and 8p edt. 1. Skookum Movie pc-big-04272014-6 2. Skunk Ape Florida pc-big-20140504-2 3. Kentucky Footprints pc-big-20140504-3 pc-big-20140504-4 pc-big-20140504-5 pc-big-20140504-6 pc-big-20140504-7 4. Scream and Howls recorded pc-big-20140504-8 5. Iphone Flir Camera Release pc-big-20140504-9 pc-big-20140504-10 pc-big-20140504-11 pc-big-20140504-12

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