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Paranormal Central Bigfoot Report 7-13-2014

Images discussed on Paranormal Central on Dark Matter Radio Network tonight at 5p Pacific / 8p Eastern. 1. New mammals still being discovered pc-big-20140706-1 2. Avocado Lake in Fresno County Bigfoot Report pc-big-20140706-2 pc-big-20140706-3 pc-big-20140706-3b 3. Sykes study results released pc-big-20140706-4 pc-big-20140706-5 pc-big-20140706-6 4. New Trail Cam Picture pc-big-20140706-7 5. Drought bears coming to town pc-big-20140706-8 6. What are people seeing in Shaver Lake pc-big-20140706-9

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