Paranormal Central Bigfoot Report 8-24-2014

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Images and stories discussed on Paranormal Central on Dark Matter Radio Network tonight at 5p Pacific / 8p Eastern. 1. Tim Fasano (Florida Skunk Ape Researcher) says he has the evidence, prepare to believe. pc-big-20140824-1-featured 2. Man proves it is possible to live in the forest undetected... pc-big-20140824-2-featured ...unfortunately he was caught stealing food from homes... after 27 years pc-big-20140824-3-featured 3. Are you ready for Cryptid action figures? pc-big-20140824-4-featured
Wonderfully detailed by Jean St Jean Wonderfully detailed by Jean St Jean
Red-Eyed Skookum Red-Eyed Skookum
North American Bigfoot North American Bigfoot
Himalayan Yeti Himalayan Yeti
pc-big-20140824-9 Jean St Jean

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