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Pictures being discussed on Paranormal Central at 5p pst 8p est tonight on the Dark Matter Radio Network. DECEMBER 31, 2013 8:53 PM ....... ADELANTO CALIFORNIA I went out side after hearing what sound to be gun shots but I said its only 8:53pm why would anyone be shooting. I look up in the sky and there is what looks to be like balls of fire ascending up words in the sky there is about 6 balls total before I go get my camera. 3 already disappear and 3 are still there until they disappear as if they left the atmosphere.
MARCH 19, 2011 ....... PINE PRAIRIE LOUISIANA I am a photographer, and on March 19th I was outside taking pictures of the moon during its lunar perigee. My grandparents were also outside with me, playing with my daughter on her swing set. While aiming my shot of the moon I noticed what I thought was some debris on my lens, so I cleaned it and prepared to try the shot again. I observed at this point that I could make out the object only through the camera lens, and that it was not obvious to the naked eye. At that point I realized that I was not seeing a spec on my lens but rather something in the sky. I tried to use my auto focus to capture the object, but it kept focusing on the moon. I turned off the auto focus and manually targeted the object: this is the picture that is attached to this report. I don’t know if it is important, but my camera is a Canon Rebel T2i with a Sigma 18-250 mm lens; the photograph was taken zoomed all the way in. Once the image was captured, I reviewed it on my camera and called my grandparents over to see what I had photographed. None of us had ever seen an airplane like this before. My grandparents and I both looked up but none of us could see the object. I set my camera to “live mode” (allowing us to see the viewfinder’s image on the screen on the back of the camera), positioned it, and we all saw the object. I’m not sure if we couldn’t see the object with the naked eye because of its size in the sky or something else, but whatever the case we could only see it through the camera. While I never actually saw the object moving, it was in slightly different positions to the moon every time I looked at it. We talked about it for a couple of minutes and I tried to get another picture of the object (I couldn’t find it this time) and we decided to come upload the images to the computer to look at them a little closer.
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12-24-13 CHRISTMAS EVE AT KEN PFEIFERS HOUSE....FRANKLINVILLE NEW JERSEY After reviewing many photos we took during our annual Christmas party, two really stand out. I have had paranormal encounters with my deceased father. He died in 1997 and we were very close. He usually plays tricks on me. I feel this is definite proof that there is life after death. Thanks Ken Pfeifer
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