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Paranormal Central Hollis Report 4-12-2015

Images and stories discussed on Paranormal Central on Dark Matter Radio Network tonight at 5p Pacific / 8p Eastern.

Odd Advice with Heidi Hollis

Want some “Odd Advice” on everything from angels to aliens? Write Heidi and tell her your odd experiences, share your images/drawings and ask your questions about them at: OddAdviceHH@gmail.com & Visit: www.HeidiHollis.com pc-hollis-20150412-1 pc-hollis-20150412-2 pc-hollis-20150412-3 pc-hollis-20150412-4 pc-hollis-20150412-5 pc-hollis-20150412-6 pc-hollis-20150412-7 pc-hollis-20150412-8 pc-hollis-20150412-9 pc-hollis-20150412-10

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