Paranormal Central UFO Pics for 1-26-14

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UFO photos discussed on Paranormal Central at 5p pst 8p est tonight on the Dark Matter Radio Network. Jan 17, 2014 ...... ALACHUA COUNTY FLORIDA I went out side to walk my dog last night around 11 pm. I look up as this huge orange translucent object is heading my way....All of a sudden I found that thousand of thoughts and emotions flooded my brain as I tried to make sense and justify what I was seeing. I could do nothing but yell out to my son to get out side. I was feeling frustrated that he was not coming fast enough to the point that he and his mother ran out to see if I was OK. When they looked up it was still very visible and they could not make sense of it either. My son pulled out his phone camera and could not get it to work. I grabbed it from him but my nerves had me fumbling with it as well. Finally he snapped a picture as it was several miles away. This was not military as if it it were, they would not fly this over a populated area. It was not although it was the size of an airplane it could not be as it flew to slow and would fall out of the sky at that speed. It was not a helicopter as it was to big and did not make a sound as it passed by. As it flew toward me it appeared like a round to oval orange translucent object.
PC1-MUFON 53566 Click to Enlarge
Jan 6, 2014 10 AM ...... EAST RUTHERFORD NEW JERSEY.... I was driving on rt 3 west approaching giants stadium about 10 oclock in the morning. I was in traffic but noticed something odd in the lower sky. I knew I would not be able to concentrate on what it was so I got my I phone ready and took a blind photo towards the object thru my windshield. As I passed and had a moment to look, I saw a big military type helicopter in the sky thru my skylight and then assumed that this was what the object must have been, so I never looked at the photo assuming it was something explainable. however, while looking thru my photos today I came to that photo for the first time and I am at a loss to explain what is on the image. if anything, I thought it would be the large helicopter. The only explanation I can give is this is something on my windshield, however, I did not have a mark, a chip or any kind of mark on my windshield. I'm sure I captured the object thru the window.
PC2-MUFON 53581 Click to Enlarge
Oct 13, 2013 10 PM ....... MEDICINE HAT ALBERTA CANADA.... Attached are some pictures my 13 year old son took with his cell phone when he witnessed some strange lights in the sky over Kin Coulee park in Medicine Hat. He said at first he saw 5 orange circle lights. He ran in the house and got his cell phone and came back out and took pictures of what he saw. He said there were then only 3 lights which moved slowly away and up into the clouds and disappeared. He was with his father and younger brother who also witnessed the same. We have no idea what it is but we would love to know!
PC3-MUFON 53516 Click to Enlarge
Apr 20, 2009 7 PM ...... BEACH GROVE INDIANA I was sitting on my patio, facing the north, when I saw a bright orange light. At first, I thought it was the headlights of an oncoming plane. It was slowing coming towards my position, getting bigger and bigger. I heard no noise. I was waiting for it to go past me to hear the engine noise and to see what exactly it was. I got my camera and was able to take several pictures. Once it flew over me, I heard nothing and also all I was able to see was still a bright orange ball fly past silently. There was no apparent plane, helicopter, or any aircraft shape. I felt scared. I never have seen anything like this. The orange ball continued to fly in the same path when it made an angular direction change. It looked like an 40 degree angle up. It wasn't a slow change, it was an instant change of direction.
PC4-MUFON 23956 Click to Enlarge
PC5-MUFON 23956 Click to Enlarge
PC6-MARS-SOURCE Click to Enlarge
PC7-MARS--STRUCTURE Click to Enlarge

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