Paranormal Central UFO Report 12-06-2015

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Images and stories discussed on Paranormal Central on Dark Matter Digital Network tonight at 6p Pacific / 9p Eastern.

Odd Advice with Heidi Hollis

Want some “Odd Advice” on everything from angels to aliens? Do you suffer from Night Terrors or are seeing Shadow People and/or The Hat Man? Have you had visions or dreams of Heaven, Hell or seen holy figures? Write Heidi and tell her your odd experiences. Feel free to share your pictures, drawings and ask your questions about them for advice and opinions at: Visit her at: 1. Texas UFO sphere sighted on November 22, 2015 pc-ufo-20151206-1_Texas 2. Las Vegas strip mass UFO sighting on November 18th, 2014 pc-ufo-20151206-2_LasVegas pc-ufo-20151206-3_LasVegas pc-ufo-20151206-4_LasVegas 3. Devil Inside pc-ufo-20151206-5_DevilAttack 4. Green Demon Lady (Pic #6) pc-ufo-20151206-6_GreenDemonGirl

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