Paranormal Central: UFOs for 2-16-2014

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UFO report photos discussed on Paranormal Central at 5p pst 8p est tonight on the Dark Matter Radio Network. Feb 9, 2014 - NORTH END NEW BRUNSWICK CANADA My girlfriend and I got out of our car to see a friend, we noticed a huge bright orb traveling east. The sky was clear. I started recording with my Sony Handycam, it's a 70 x 2000 zoom Handycam, The object was traveling really fast and hard to track with my camera but got what I could. I copied the video to my computer to watch it and used a photo program to bring out the shape of the object and got a few different shaped one's from it. I was surprised that it was going so fast but it was still noticeable in the sky. We lost sight of the object because it got too far away to see. pc-1-54051 pc-2-54051-2 Feb 9, 2014 - MARICOPA ARIZONA My mother was outside smoking around 8:30PM when she observed a red glowing light around tree top level moving at around 20 miles per hour. She yelled for me to come outside and look at it. I came outside and saw what she was pointing at and started filming it on my iPhone camera. It had a red glow to it as I caught the remaining 20 seconds before it left our field of view. My mother who saw around 2 minutes of it said to her when it was at the mid point of her viewing area that she could see a disk like outline. I sent my brother my iPhone video of what I caught and he pulled some still pictures from it after zooming in on the object. It was traveling from North to South and maybe 100 feet above treetop level. pc-354021 July 10, 2013 - KELOWNA BRITISH COLUMBIA CANADA I run this ufo news site and I received a sighting from someone. Someone sent me an email this morning wanting to report a sighting they had in Kelowna. WITNESS STATEMENT: I have a picture. No one has ever seen it before." "Can you please not give my personal information away I do not want this to get out of hand. I have told no one up until this point." I agreed and asked him to send the picture right away along with his explanation. I was blown away with what I saw and what he told me next. He told me he was out walking his dog along the Okanogan Lake when he witnessed the UFO. He told me that he witnessed the UFO come out of the water hover for about a minute and half then it took off. "The UFO came out of the water without making a noise or disturbing the water. My dog started barking at it as it hovered over the lake for over minute then it suddenly flew away in seconds." pc-4-54038 Jan 11, 2010 - AUCKLAND NEW ZEALAND This picture was captured 11 Jan 2010, 1:58 PM through the view finder, I could see the object quickly passing the sky above my garden. pc-5-21993

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