Paranormal Central: UFOs for 2-9-2014

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UFO report photos discussed on Paranormal Central at 5p pst 8p est tonight on the Dark Matter Radio Network. Feb 2, 2014 - ISLAMORADA FLORIDA From my balcony I witnessed this pulsating blue-green object hovering, rising slightly and finally moving from Southeast to the Northeast over the Atlantic Ocean. I was able to capture a few images of the object. It traveled without sound and split into two distinct objects before moving to far away to photograph any longer. The color changed from shades of purple to blue-green and white. The outer area was emitting a glow that grew and shrank during its movement. The timing of the pulsating was not fixed, more of a random pattern. This is very similar to an object I saw last year in the same area only that sighting was over the Gulf of Mexico instead of the Atlantic. PC-2-2-14-53886-2 PC-2-2-14-53886-1 Jan 23, 2009 - KAPOSVAR HUNGARY I live in Hungary. I was on the terrace (about 11 AM) when I noticed this slowly flying, noiseless, dark brown disk shaped object. I caught my mobile phone (Samsung SGH-E250) and I did a photo from the object. The diameter of the object was approximately 30-40 feet. The picture was taken on Kaposvar, Hungary. PC-1-24-09-20103 Aug 20, 2013 - HAMPTON VIRGINIA I was outside taking pictures of this months full moon with my new Samsung 16 megapixel camera. After downloading the pictures to my computer, I noticed a contrail next to the moon. After zooming in to see the type aircraft it was, I was surprised to see there were actually 3 contrails merging into one. I found it strange, I could not see the aircraft that were making the contrails. I have taken many pictures of high altitude aircraft and even with my old 5 megapixel camera, I could zoom in to see the type craft. More surprising I could see there were round objects following behind in the contrail. One of the objects stayed with the flight until the last picture. The objects may have been illuminated by the sun as it was 8:30pm and the sun had just set. You can see the cloud formations in the sky do not change in the different pictures but the objects stay in the same place in the contrail. I am 65 years old and have lived my entire life near a large Air Force base. I spend a lot of time looking up. I would judge these objects to be in the 35,000 to 40,000 foot of altitude range. The other strange thing. The speed seemed to be somewhat faster then other aircraft I have recorded at that altitude. PC-8-20-13-50091 Apr 13, 2011 - LEXINGTON KENTUCKY I was out in my back yard in Lexington when I happened to look up towards the south east and a white flash caught my eye. Could not tell what it was but it was white in color and what looked to be flashing. I then noticed off to its left a second object of similar size and activity to the right of it. I observed this for about 2 minutes while I had one of my sons grab my camera. Within about a minute or so the 2 objects got closer together and were side by side both still flashing white. (possibly a tumbling motion) My son not finding my camera forced me to go in the house and get it. Figuring on the speed they were moving, they would be in front of the house when I got back outside but I went out front only to find 1 of the 2 objects more to the east now. I snapped a few photos before I lost sight of it behind the trees about a half mile away. PC-4-13-11-28658-1 PC-4-13-11-28658-2

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