Paranormal ‘Ghost Hunter’ Stabbed Himself Inside the Infamous ‘Ax Murder House’

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Few details have emerged in the days after a man reportedly stabbed himself inside of the Villisca Ax Murder House, a popular tourist attraction in Iowa that was the site of a grisly murder scene in 1912 and is often frequented by paranormal investigators. Robert Laursen, 37, was reportedly spending the night at the home as part of a family group investigating supposed ghosts last Friday when he inexplicably stabbed himself inside one of the rooms. Few new details have emerged since the initial story broke, leaving the motive for the stabbing a mystery. When TheBlaze called local police on Tuesday, an unnamed employee said that he had heard that Laursen said that a “ghost made him do it,” though Montgomery County Sheriff Joe Sampson later indicated that Laursen hadn’t given police a motive. Sampson told TheBlaze Tuesday that authorities hadn’t done “any further investigation” into the incident after determining that it was a self-inflicted wound, though he added that there has been much speculation over what led to the incident. Considering the supposedly supernatural happenings unfolding inside the home, some, of course, believe that something ghostly was at play, though Sampson indicated that others have speculated that the man did “it for attention and financial gain down the road.” Sampson said that Laursen is awake, though authorities had previously declined to give an update on his medical condition; his family has also been silent on the matter. But in an interview with TheBlaze Tuesday, Villisca Ax Murder House owner Martha Linn — who declined to give the names of the individuals Laursen was with inside the home — did shed some further light on the situation. More via

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