Are Paranormal Incidents Really Just in our Heads?

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By Jenny Lewis Have you ever felt a chill in a warm room or swear you saw a shadow move? You may believe that you’ve witnessed something paranormal but some researchers claim that all paranormal experiences are in our minds. It is a scientific fact that some people’s experiences of seeing apparitions, hearing strange noises or items being moved without being touched can be explained by the witness suffering brain damage (1) or exhaustion, or abusing drugs or alcohol. Out of body experiences are now an accepted neurological condition (2) and it has been proven that sufferers of epilepsy may hallucinate and see shadowy apparitions (3). So of course, some paranormal experiences are in our minds. Just as other experiences can logically be explained by the design of certain old buildings sending echoes of people walking to where there is no one or glare on a camera lens forming a ghostly glow. What this all proves is that the human brain is incredibly complex. Details via Top Secret Writers.

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