Paranormal, religion mix for ‘Unexplained’

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Whitley Strieber has a reputation for being a little bit “out there” because he has written books about visits by humanoid creatures of different sizes and shapes and about people who have claimed to be abducted, examined, and taken into UFOs by aliens. Some of those encounters, as told in his Communion book series, are his own. He has also written best-selling novels with these elements. His latest nonfiction book, The Super Natural: A New Vision of the Unexplained, is kind of a grounding of his descriptions, a statement that the phenomena could be all of this world and that we just don’t yet know enough yet to comprehend them. Rather than focusing on government conspiracies and otherworldly connections, a la The X-Files (which itself has returned to TV for a brief revival), Strieber sought scholarly help from Rice University religion professor Jeffrey J. Kripal to explore the this-world concept, setting the supernatural aside. The authors alternated chapters. Kripal has included the paranormal in his religion studies, and in The Super Natural he provides a nine-step procedure for examining the not-so-otherworldly events. He shows the parallels between some of these unusual stories and tales from religion, myth, and folklore. Read More: Toledo Blade

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