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Mon Mar 4 - Paul Seaburn - Mysteries & Madness of the Month in Review

Paul Seaburn, humorist and paranormal writer will be joining us every first Monday of the month to discuss the most interesting paranormal and weird news stories of the past month. mysteriousuniverse.org Humorhandyman.com Paul Seaburn’s long, strange, mysterious trip to editor and writer at Mysterious Universe and host of the What in the World podcast began with a career in tech support, management and sales for two successful computer industry startups. A lifelong love of comedy led him to try standup, but his talent for writing resulted instead in a second career penning jokes for the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Comic Strip Live and many top comedians. As jokes expanded to essays and scripts, his works were published by The New York Times, many magazines and in over 30 collections of humor, trivia and puzzles; he was the head writer and song lyricist for an Emmy-winning children’s show and is still the head writer for a jazz/comedy show on public radio. After a stint at the reincarnation of Rocketboom, Paul brought his comedy skills to the paranormal and strange news world at Mysterious Universe, where he can finally scratch the itch he’s had since his youth to become a cross between Robert Ripley and Dave Barry.

References for March:

'Momo is dead,' says artist who created creepy big-eyed sculpture

References for January:

Top 12 stories for 2018:
The chalky-covered three-fingered-and-toed, big-headed, small-bodied mummies were allegedly found in a Nazca cave and have been in the news ever since and 2018 was a big year for them.
Two Harvard astronomers issue a paper proposing that ‘Oumuamua – the cigar-shaped, interstellar comet/asteroid/spacecraft/noneoftheabove -- is some sort of extraterrestrial solar sail created by aliens.
It’s the year of women falling in and out of love with ghosts. One wanted no-strings-attached sex, oants to have baby with a ghost and one married the ghost of a pirate but then divorced him.
National Solar Observatory Mysteriously Closed For Security Reasons, driving conspiracy theorist wild for weeks and the real reason finally given was equally strange.
The Pentagon UFO videos were released and stoked more conversations about UFOs in the mainstream media than any event since Roswell.
A mysterious hole was found in the International Space Station and the reasons for it went from meteorite to sabotage to negligence and the real cause is still unresolved, causing rifts between NASA and the Russian space program.
There were a record number of Loch Ness Monster sightings in 2018 and there’s still no report on the actual scientific DNA tests conducted on the water.
The legendary Grey Man ghost was seen during Hurricane Florence, causing many people to hope their houses would be spared.
Was it a record year for time travelers coming to warn us of impending doom or did one particular YouTube channel corner the market on pixilated people pretending to be from the future?
NBA Star Steph Curry Denies Humans Walked on the Moon and gets more coverage than he did for winning the NBA championship shooting what appears to be a round ball.
In a strange story that didn’t get much coverage, a man claims to invent an Electric Car that Never Needs Charging, brings the technology to the U.S. and then disappears
My favorite psychic, the asparagus-tossing Asparomancer, did pretty well in 2018 so it’s worth looking at her predictions for 2019.
FUNNIEST WEIRD HEADLINES FOR 2018 New Look at Uranus Shows a Major Impact Made It Lopsided Biohacker Creates DNA Sequence from Bible and Injects God’s Name in Vein Pet Psychic Uses Her Powers Despite Being Allergic to Animals It's a Sign of the Apocalypse -- Goat Gives Birth to Pig-Man! Vampire Stabs Werewolf and Gets Sent to Jail Space Station Robot Accuses Astronauts of Being Mean Justin Bieber is Not a Reptilian, Says His Manager Mysterious One-Legged Ghost Recorded Hopping Around Laos There's Sperm Traveling Through Space and It Belongs to NASA Farmer Says Pics of Porn Star Protects Plants from Evil Eye Last Month:

Canadian Pilots Report UFO Over Baffin Island

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