Tue Sep 25 - Paul Stonehill - Russia’s USO Secrets

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Paul Stonehill will reveal strange encounters by the Soviet and Russian Navy with things that are not supposed to exist. BIO: Paul Stonehill is an international author and researcher of UFOs and USOs as well as Soviet/Russian and Eurasian paranormal phenomena. He was born in the USSR. Paul is fluent in Russian, and knows Ukrainian. Paul’s articles on UFO and anomalous phenomena have been published in a number of languages throughout the world. After the demise of the USSR, his articles were also published in Russia, Ukraine, and Central Asian republics. In October of 1993, OMNI Magazine featured a story about Paul’s work, and the research center he had created back in 1991 (Russian Ufology Research Center). Paul has appeared in such shows as Ancient Aliens, Sightings; U.S., German and Japanese productions. His areas of expertise are: paranormal phenomena in the Eastern Europe, Russia, Central Asia, and China (PRC); Russian history; warfare in the former USSR; cross-cultural training. YouTube Channel

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