Fri May 18 - Dr. Paul Wand - Escaping Our Doomed Planet

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Tonight, Midnight in the Desert ponders, "Are we closer than we think to leaving Earth? Escaping our “doomed” planet? Is our space program looking more like Star Trek or Lost in Space?" Dr. Paul Wand, author of “Earth 2.0 Exodus: Escaping our Doomed Planet,” discusses how factual these shows really are. A science fiction fan since the original Star Trek series in the ‘60s, Wand is well versed not only in the lore but also the facts behind the science fictions shows and movies we have all grown up with and love. Dr. Wand, who specializes in Neurology by day, has created a unique “factual science fiction” genre that gives him the inside track on where future Artificial Intelligence might be heading, why the configuration of his star ship could work, and why the eventual demise of the Earth will most likely be caused by the sun.

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