Pertinent Quotes Regarding the Future of Humanity

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We’re in the midst of a war on information. This war is being conducted on multiple fronts; to control the flow of public discourse on social networks, to control the flow of information on the Internet, to centralize power and continue the flow of disinformation by mainstream media (2, 3), to control public education and continue the indoctrination of the youth (2), to dismiss evidence and defund scientific research, and to acquire all private information for all peoples of all nations and consolidate that information into the data bases of centralized governments (1, 2, 3, 4, 5). Below you will find some pertinent quotes regarding this war – the war that will decide the future of humanity. We should heed the warnings given and implement the solutions provided. Stephen Hawking on Democracy Carl Sagan on Personal Responsibility Isaac Asimov on Ignorance John F. Kennedy on Information and Secrecy William Thurston on the Language of Mathematics Jacob Appelbaum on Privacy by Design and the Power of Mathematics Assata Shakur on Freedom Read them all at Chycho

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