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Photo of fiery bubble that stretches 65 feet in the air stuns the internet

A red-hot bubble was caught on camera spewing out steaming hot lava 65 feet in the air -- and the internet wants to know more. The United States Geological Survey (USGS) shared the picture on "Throwback Thursday" to highlight a "rare" lava-dome fountain that was spotted in Hawaii on October 11, 1969. "Dome fountain of episode 10, October 10–13, 1969, eruption of Kilauea Volcano," USGS tweeted. "Symmetrical dome fountains such as this are rare." Lava domes -- or volcanic domes -- vary in size and shape. They can reach up to 1,640 feet high, but typically stay within ranges of 30 to 320 feet, USGS reports. They're also pretty common. They're formed by viscous (gooey) magma that piles up around the opening of the volvano, also known as the "vent," according to research compiled by Oregon State.

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