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Photographer creates stunning video of Mars from NASA images

One day, humans will probably land on Mars and take photos, like Apollo astronauts did on the Moon. But probably not in our lifetime. So photographer and videographer Jan Fröjdman created a fictive flight above Mars using real images of the “red planet”. He has hand-picked reference points on anaglyph images from the HiRISE camera. It took over 33,000 reference points and 3 months to create the film, but it was worth it. Jan has created a mesmerizing video. Are you ready to explore Mars? For the video, Jan has taken the images from HiRISE camera, which are available online for everyone. This camera has taken over 50,000 high-resolution stereo images of the Martian terrain from the planet’s orbit. It has created anaglyphs anyone can view in 3D using special glasses. However, the 3D glasses aren’t always handy or available, and Mars’ varied topography is certainly more impressive in the video. As I mentioned, it took Jan 3 months of work and over 33,000 reference points to create this video. He needed to color grade the clips because the anaglyphs are based on grayscale images. He points out that the video is not scientific, but he only tried to visualize the planet his way as a space enthusiast. So, how do you like his vision?

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