Plant spits poison in gardener's eye

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A woman trying to thin out a rapidly spreading plant in her garden got a painful surprise when the plant shot a stream of poisonous sap right into her eye. Pam McGaffin said the pain was excruciating even after she repeatedly flushed it with water. Finally her husband took her to the emergency room where doctors thoroughly flushed the eye and told McGaffin her cornea had been burned by the sap. The offending plant is one of a huge variety of Euphorbia plants. Poinsettias are members of the Euphoria family and can also burn skin with their sap. What seems like a freak accident is actually pretty common. KING 5 Gardening Expert Ciscoe Morris said the very same thing happened to him one day when he tried to cut back a Euphorbia that had grown across his sidewalk. A stream of sap shot him in the eye. via First Coast News.

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