Police Video Shows Recusers Responding to Pleas for Help From Unknown Voice

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A Utah toddler was rescued after being trapped for 14 hours upside down in a car in the Spanish Fork River, and the whole thing was caught on a police officer’s body camera. Police officers who saved an 18-month-old girl from a frozen Utah river after her mother died in a car crash have reportedly said they heard cries for help before finding the child. You can hear the rescuers answer the pleads for help coming from inside the car. Pay close attention around the 1:56 mark. Rescuers plunge into a frigid Utah river and struggle to open the doors of a car that is partially submerged, in hopes of pulling survivors from the wreckage of the vehicle. This is the scene that unfolds from the vantage point of an officer's body camera as he rushes toward the Spanish Fork River in Utah Saturday where a car crashed, landing up-side-down. And there was a survivor. Lily Groesbeck, 18 months old, was found alive in the car, nearly 14 hours after the vehicle plunged into the river. Her mother, 25-year-old Lynn Jennifer Groesbeck, did not survive the crash. First responders can be seen in the video straining to lift the Dodge on its side. They quickly pass Lily from one person to the next until she reaches the safety of a waiting ambulance. The child was released from the hospital Wednesday. via YouTube.

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