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We were promised flying cars, but this?

And in Santa Ana, California, we got one. Meanwhile, in Ottawa, Canada, we learn that if you drive a BMW you are treated differently. We are all having such a good time making fun of the people who drove too fast, hit a curb and went airborne, landing in the second floor of a dental office. We wondered why the building wasn't wearing high-viz, a helmet or as my favorite tweet noted, This one got in the news because it hit the second floor, but in fact, these kinds of crashes are very common. According to an insurance company source, an "average of 60 cars crash into retail stores, office buildings, and restaurants every day, killing over 500 people a year." According to the Sacramento Bee, The white sedan was speeding when it hit the center median on French Street near 17th Street, causing the car to fly into the air and into the second storey of a nearby dental office, according to a Santa Ana Police Department Nixle notification. “The driver, who admitted to using narcotics, will be admitted to a local hospital for observation,” police said.

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