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Proof of afterlife? Todd Acamesis' soul 'left body and travelled through universe'

Todd Acamesis says the soul can leave the body and go on a journey even while you are alive. Canadian Todd Acamesis, 47, claims he has been having out of body experiences" (OBEs) for 42 years, since a near death experience at the age of five. The jury is still out on whether an OBE is real or just perceived, but apparently we can ALL do it relatively easily, according to Mr Acamesis. An OBE is the feeling that you are floating outside or above your body. Some experiencers even claim to have seen their own body externally while experiencing an OBE. It is also said to be what happens during a near death experience when believers think the "soul" is about to leave the body for good. The phenomenon was discussed at the 27th annual Glastonbury Symposium, an annual conference dedicated to the paranormal, conspiracy theories, alternative thought, and new age philosophies, held in the Somerset town. Mr Acamesis told the symposium he now teaches out of body exploration to those who wish to experience the phenomenon. An audience member asked him how it is done.

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