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Quantum communicating with the Extraterrestrial Intelligence

Humanity is facing now the dawn of a new technological era involving quantum mechanics in almost all aspects of social life, from computation to communication. It might be natural to ask if we shouldn’t consider search for quantum messages from extraterrestrial intelligence. China has launched the first quantum communication satellite last year bringing the humanity on the verge of a huge jump in communication technology. Considering light as the carrier of the quantum information, the Chinese satellite is primarily designed to test the robustness of quantum entanglement, a bizarre property of quantum systems responsible for quantum computation and quantum communication. Furthermore, this first quantum satellite will probe not only high security data encryption but also a new way of data transfer as quantum information encoded in properties of the light particles, photons. The quantum communication revolution may prove importance in transferring data at far distances and so, in communicating with our peer intelligence life in the universe. Is quantum communication through light the answer to our long search for the Extraterrestrial intelligence (ETI) signals? Quantum information processing in Nature As weird as may sound considering our actual technology of exploring the physical reality, quantum communication might be the primarily way of information transfer in the universe, as a recent article suggests <1> . According to the article, light travelling in the deformed spacetime close to the spinning black holes is constrained to encode and process quantum information pretty much like the information is manipulated in our actual laboratory quantum computers. Following the curved and twisted lines of the distorted spacetime photons encode quantum bits of information in defined sequences that could make one to think of computer program lines of a code. When eventually escape the black hole influence, photons in the light beams are endowed with simple quantum codes that we may interpret and asses the information they contain. Since quantum computation and quantum communication seem natural phenomenon occurring in the universe, it might look genuine to consider quantum communication with light as the proper way advanced civilization exchange information. Searching for extraterrestrial quantum messages We already have the technological capabilities to detect and measure quantum information encoded in light. Accordingly, many university laboratories and private companies around the world are testing quantum technology in all aspects of their applicability, from encoding quantum algorithms in photons, to transferring quantum bits at significant distances and to storing quantum information.

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