Radioactivity On California Beaches And Risks Of Strontium-90 From Fukushima

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Regarding strontium-90, marine chemist Ken Buesseler from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution said, “Our biggest concern right now is if some of the other isotopes such as strontium 90 which tend to be more mobile, get through these sediments in the ground water <...> They are entering the oceans at levels that then will accumulate in seafood and will cause new health concerns.” The study lists several ways to try and mitigate the contamination: Installing impermeable walls around the plant, pumping off the groundwater, using extraction pumps, and freezing the soil. However, Buesseler said, “Any contamination in the groundwater would eventually flow into the ocean. That is very difficult to stop even with barriers.” The AP writes that Buesseler’s research suggests “contaminated water from the reactor-turbine areas is already leaking into the sea.” Americans must now ask themselves: would they eat seafood, or swim in Pacific waters contaminated with stronium-90? It’s a fair question, but the public will also require some fair answers – from those who are in position to give them. Sooner or later, our governments will have to come clean with the public regarding the nuclear industry – arguably one of the biggest modern threats to our healthy existence on planet Earth. Michael Snyder lays out a compelling case for US residents… Full Report at Infinite Unknown.

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