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Wed Apr 3 (Hour 3) - Randy Williams - Provacative Theory on the Jack the Ripper Case

Everyone knows the name of Sherlock Holmes - the fictional detective created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle with his superhuman powers of observation and methodology for solving crimes. Could his 1800's tactics really work in the modern world to solve genuine crimes? Using those methods, Randy Williams, a Private Investigator, along with 3 of the world's top criminologists, have convincingly solved the infamous Jack the Ripper murders of 1888. facebook.com/RandyWilliamsVsJackTheRipper TWITTER: @SherlockTerror Randy Williams is a Pennsylvania-based private investigator and describes himself as follows. “I’m a fighter... AND a lover. Lover of martial arts, lover of true crime novels, lover of word puzzles, lover of things Italian, lover of wine, lover of horses, travel and foreign languages, lover of women, lover of Chinese culture and above all, lover of a mystery.” He is the owner of Black Stallion Security and Investigations and the founder of the Close Range Combat Academy, a worldwide martial arts organization with branches in the US, UK, Europe and Asia. His instructor was Sifu Ted Wong Kam Ming – top student of the late, great Bruce Lee. Through his association with Doctors Michael Baden, Henry Lee and Cyril Wecht, he has been able to apply all of the analytical skills instilled in him by his lifelong martial arts and criminology training into solving the age-old Ripper enigma.

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