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Mon Sep 24 - Dr. Randy Wysong - Solving the Big Questions

In our first 2 hours, Dr. Randy Wysong will discuss how reason, evidence, natural law, and experience provide truth on the big questions of existence: Where did we come from? Why are we here? Where are we going? BIO: Dr. Wysong (B.S., D.V.M), is the author of nine books, numerous scientific articles, and decades of health newsletters. He has. practiced veterinary surgery and medicine, taught college courses in human anatomy, physiology, and the origin of life, invented hundreds of surgical, clinical, nutritional, and fitness related products, and developed health-first, food science and processing technology facilities. Personal interests include self improvement, defying age, personal fitness, competitive badminton, two on two beach volleyball, and pickelball. He has built his own unique homes and is in the ongoing process of transitioning to diy self sufficiency. Seven children and fourteen grandchildren enrich his life with love. Asifthinkingmatters.com TWITTER: @AsIfThinkingMat

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