Rapper Elliphant Talks Alien Sex With Lee Speigel

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Elliphant has spent much of her life traveling the world: The singer-rapper was born in Sweden, recently finished a run of American dates and once spent a summer traveling the U.K. with a dubstep soundsystem. Still, she has grown equally interested in what might be happening on other worlds and in other parts of the galaxy. As she said on last year's "Boom UR Head," "I look for a UFO every moment I get." With this in mind, we set her up with Lee Speigel, a UFO expert who once presented in front of the United Nations and writes regularly on the subject for The Huffington Post. In the Rolling Stone studio, the two enthusiasts went back and forth on whether extra-terrestrials have ever visited Earth, the nature of alien existence and if it would be possible for Elliphant to have the first half-alien baby. Watch the unusual encounter above. via Rolling Stone.

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