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'Real' ghost caught on camera in Clophill church ruins

A PAIR of paranormal investigators have captured 'video evidence' of a supernatural being in a deserted Bedfordshire church. The UK Haunted team posted their spooky outing to St Mary's Church, Clophill, on YouTube earlier this week. Alex Duggan and Michael York, based in Northampton, are the duo behind the footage and say they only noticed the apparition after a fan pointed it out. Alex said: "We actually shot the video in the summer of 2012 but last week someone commented on the footage saying that they could see something. When we slowed it down it was obvious. "At first I thought it was glare from the infra red light but it seems to be moving in a different direction from the camera. "Slowing it down, you can see it does actually turn into the shape of the figure that turns its head, looks and then disappears." The experienced ghosthunter says that he and the team have had other supernatural experiences in the grounds of the church. More at Bedfordshire Newspaper Online.

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