Is this really a ghost attack on a boy as he walks through the forest

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Filmed in India, the spooky clip shows the boy strolling along a dirt path, with a dense mass of trees on either side. The video starts out innocently enough, with the boy walking through an Indian forest. But after taking a few steps on camera, the child suddenly falls to the side as if he has been knocked down by someone – or something. To make matters even creepier, a ghostly figure can be seen lunging towards the boy, sending him crashing into the dirt bank on impact. After the “attack”, the boy quickly stands up and sprints off down the path, without so much as a look back at his supernatural assailant. A hazy shape can be seen lunging for the boy in the eerie video The video, which was shared on YouTube on Saturday, was allegedly filmed by a CCTV camera which had been set up to keep track of local wildlife. Nobody knows for sure what sent the boy crashing to the ground, but the uploader describes the ghostly attacker as a “black, shaped entity.”

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