Tue May 22 - Dr. Regina Nelson w/Michael Browning - Conspiracy of Cannabis

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Midnight in the Desert with Dave Schrader tackles The Conspiracy of Cannabis with Dr. Regina Nelson and filmmaker Michael E. Browning. For years we have been prescribed medications with side effects that in most cases are more dangerous than maladies we are seeking to ease. Why is the Government shutting down actual cures and proven medical advancements with healthier alternatives? Tonight we look at what is at stake and who benefits and loses most from the current state of paralysis and who is victim to targeted harassment. Dr. Regina Nelson and Michael E. Browning are writing and publishing partners in Integral Education Press, LLP. Their mission is to demystify the endocannabinoid system and normalize the nutritional use of cannabis through education of clinical and public audiences. The Plant a Seed for Cannabis Education Tour they founded in 2017 is scheduled to visit more than 20 U.S. and International cities in 2018. The first portion of tour celebrates the release of “Time for the Talk: Talking to Your Doctor or Patient about Medical Cannabis.” On July 11th the team will release an updated and expanded edition of Nelson’s book, “The eCS Therapy Companion Guide” entitled “The Survivor’s Guide to Medical Cannabis” at the Hanf Museum in Berlin, Germany. TimeForTheTalk.Today myecstherapy.org cinebisfilmfestival.com

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