Remembering Hilly Rose, longtime LA radio host, former Art Bell fill-in, dead at 91

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Note from Midnight in the Desert: Hilly Rose filled in for Art Bell during times when Art was unable to do his show back in the 90’s and 00’s. It was always a pleasure to hear Hilly do Coast to Coast AM in those times. We miss him and wish his family the best. RIP Hilly. ———— By ERIK PEDERSEN My grandmother listened to Hilly Rose for years on various radio stations; her enthusiasm for his show made me a fan, too. I found his programs informative, educational, and entertaining … one of the best of the first generation of talk shows as heard in Los Angeles. Rose passed away December 27th of natural causes. He was 91. Survived by his wife, three children and six grandchildren, he was also the father of ABC and CNN journalist Judd Rose, who died of cancer in 2000. Prior to his many years in Los Angeles, Rose perfected his craft in San Francisco at KCBS, KGO and KNEW; he was also heard (and seen) on Bay-area television station KTVU Channel 2. Locally he was heard on KABC (790 AM) beginning in 1970. In 1972 he moved to KFI (640 AM) where he stayed until he left in 1979 for KMPC (now KSPN, 710 AM). 1982 brought him back to KABC for a couple years; he retired in 1984. KFI is the station I remember carrying his show. Being on in the late evening hours game him incredible reach: KFI is among the most powerful stations in the United States, and reaches much of the country at night. Rose effectively had a nationwide show with calls coming in from many of the contiguous 48 states. One of his claims to fame is pushing support for the Jarvis-Gann initiative, better known as Proposition 13. Rose, talk host friend Ray Breim, and the Los Angeles Herald Examiner were early supporters of the proposition, and helped get people to talk about it. Read More: Orange County Register

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