Rescue Story for My Bear for the Wonderful Art Bell

Rescue Story for My Bear for the Wonderful Art Bell

It was November of 2003 and I had just been given three days to live by a Beverly Hills Doctor.

Since work made me feel better, I was counseling a couple that week and the wife-to-be had problems with intimacy after having received the marriage proposal. She loved her husband-to-be but just couldn't figure out what was stopping her to be touched by him. We worked together for fourteen days as she and I connected the dots with the help of the other side. It was an experience pre-college that was coming up, in her way and she confronted it with a great power! There marriage in Hawaii was to become a reality.

That night, she had a dream that my Nanny came to her and described her to a T ~calling me Junie. Nanny said "Junie has a kitty that is grey and white."

In the morning, my client called asking me if I had a little grey and white kitty. I said "No, I have an orange kitty." Then she said "Your Nanny came to me with red hair, called you Junie and was telling me you have a grey and white kitty."

A lot of my clients gain more psychic ability after sessions, especially when I am working with their energy removing blockages and connecting the dots.

The next day, I was on the way to visit my doctor and as I walked near his place I heard a "Meow...Meow." I looked up and in the gutter was this cutie of a grey and white kitten!

I asked my doctor's son to get a ladder that will reach up to the two story roof! I am so afraid of heights, but when it comes to baby kitties I am there! This was a week in Calabasas where the temps were 101 to 105 degrees! My thoughts were how did this baby kitten get up on the roof and how do I get her down? I climbed up the ladder knowing that my Nanny sent me this baby for a reason. I was a little scared up that high so this special kitty felt it and moved away from me farther on the roof.

I had my doctor's son get food and water for the kitty and went up on the ladder again. It was now dark, there was a park bench below, and so I sat there. As it got cooler that night, neighbors I had never met came by - a rock 'n roll photographer, film actress and spiritual author! We sat all night under the stars talking about the dream, my client and serendipity! They brought food and blankets and we stayed with the kitten until sunrise. I talked to it telling it how much I loved it. I connected with Nanny saying a prayer and asking her to get this fuzzy soul to me safely. I sent visual pictures to the kitty. I got a maintenance man to bring a can of tuna up to it and it came right to us! It had big feet with extra toes! Six toes on the front paws! So cute! I brought it home and washed it in the sink. It was a girlie and she sat up tapping her two front paws together as if she was clapping while seated on her back legs.

I named her Bear~ after the dancing Bears we had when we were children. I was a writer and was told that Ernest Hemmingway had kitties with extra toes in Key West. I took so many pictures of the Bear which had an aura of light around her time after time.

If it wasn't for Nanny sending the Bear; I know that I would not have been here today. I had to be here to take care of her!! She gave me the will to LIVE!


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