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Researchers in Costa Rica unearth a nearly 'Perfect' massive stone sphere

Excavations in Costa Rica have revealed a massive—nearly perfect—stone sphere, prompting experts to ask how such precision was achieved thousands of years ago. “We have studied the terrain in which there are more than 15 of these spheres, and some are placed beside areas that give access to residential buildings as if they were placed there to welcome you. They were used as a sign of hierarchy, rank and ethnic distinction, “explains archaeologist Francisco Corrales of the National Museum of Costa Rica. The massive stone spheres are referred to as the stone spheres of Diquis, a region to the south of Costa Rica, and were made between the year 300 and 1500 AD by the predecessors of the Boruca Culture, explains a post on the Facebook post on the National Museum of Costa Rica. These massive spheres were located within important settlements, forming sets or alignments and as part of principal architectural structures, to reinforce the prestige of a place and the position of power of the leaders.

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