Researchers Hilariously Debate Whether Or Not To Kill Bigfoot

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There’s a big debate going on in the Bigfoot community: Should you kill the hairy creature (assuming, of course, you can actually find one)? That’s the argument running through “Killing Bigfoot,” a six-part series debuting Feb. 4 on Destination America. The show follows a team of monster hunters known as the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization (GCBRO) as they attempt to track down and shoot a Sasquatch-type creature supposedly attacking people’s homes, farm animals and pets in the deep South. Not everyone approves of the team’s mission. In the clip at the link below, neuropsychologist Dr. Samuel Webb Sentell, a former member of GCBRO, pleads with group leader Jim Landsdale and member Donald McDonald not to kill a Bigfoot.

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