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Researchers Warn Computer Viruses Can Now Be Encoded in Human DNA

Advances in bioengineering present all manner of new threats and worries to the security and future of the human race. CRISPR/Cas9 and other gene editing techniques have hinted at a future in which the genes of living organisms can be altered or manipulated at geneticists’ wills – and it might come sooner than we think. We now have the ability to literally play at being gods, tampering with the very building blocks of life on our planet. Who knows what horrors might soon be unleashed? While many of us (myself included) tend to focus on the negatives of these burgeoning technologies, there will of course be many groundbreaking medical benefits ushered in by the upcoming genetics revolution. Many diseases, genetic defects, and other maladies could potentially be cured by precise genetic treatments. In order for these to work, however, patients’ DNA must first be sequenced in a lab so that doctors and bioengineers can create specific genetic treatments. While many futurists have already pointed out the potential personal security concerns associated with DNA sequencing, new research out of the University of Washington is pointing to much darker possible methods of bioterrorism and espionage taken straight from science fiction.

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