Returning Shadow Ghosts

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Hello there.

I have been having seizures since 2006, one week after my 26th Birthday. At the time, I was working for a state government body removal company, on call. The money was good, but the hours were long and hard.

One particular morning, I came home at about 3am, ready for a brief snooze. I opened my back gate, and to my horror I saw four shadows, the size and basic structure of grown men, bent over, peering into my back window.

As if they sensed me behind them, all four of them turned around, and I was able to see their full appearance. I revolted back in horror, never in my life seeing anything like this. I turned and fled, but as I did so, I heard a spiraling hiss in my head, a group of words that I could not understand, but at the same time, I almost could.

My world began to fade, and I felt a strong buzzing feeling on my back, running up and down my spine.

In an instant, I was inside, standing in a hallway, with a young lady (who was actually my girlfriend, although I did not recognize her) screaming at me in a language I could not understand. After some time, I began to understand her.

"What happened to you? You're covered in dirt and blood!"

She took me into my bathroom (again, I didn't know where I was at the time) and showed me the mirror.


I looked, but I looked normal. "I'm normal. There's no dirt or blood."

"Look harder!"

I did look harder, and as I watched, the face in the mirror changed, and dirt and blood did appear on my skin. I was scratched up pretty bad.

"What happened to you?"

I just didn't know, but I did remember having a strange dream about ghostly shadows that talked in my head.

About a week later, I had another seizure. This time, though, my girlfriend saw it, so at least we both knew what happened the first time. But I saw something she didn't.

The beings returned again, this time walking up close to me as my breath was choked out of my lungs, and I faded to black.

It turned out that these 'beings' and the voices in my head were and still are, my Aura. The Aura is the defining moment that lets a person prone to seizures know that a seizure is on its way.

To this day, even though I'm medicated, I still get seizures, and I still see the 'beings' beforehand.

I've sent you a screenshot from a video that I took a while back. I turned on my webcam when I began to feel the 'seizure buzz' in my head. As it turned out, I was able to capture 2 of these things with the camera. It was (obviously) a digital camera, so I imagine that perhaps these things may be digital life-forms. But I'm no expert.

Thank you for reading my long story, and inspecting my picture. If any of you have similar seizure stories, well, I feel for you.


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