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Richard C. Hoagland

10-01-2013 Program:

RCH will be on the first hour to talk about ISON ... new Curiosity images of "manufactured artifacts on Mars" — and the REAL impact of the US Government shutdown on NASA.
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In The News: Government Shutdown Would Ground NASA 'Almost Entirely,' Obama Says

And then: Mars Curiosity rover to continue operation despite federal government shutdown But now: This is Comet ISON Seen From Mars New News: MAVEN Orbiter Preparation at NASA Considered “Emergency Exception”–Work Continues Despite Government Shutdown

9-19-2013 Program:

Richard C. Hoagland will be talking with Art about the new "LADEE" unmanned mission to the Moon, and how it can (finally!) PROVE the existence of the "ancient lunar glass domes" he has been investigating on NASA imagery for the past several decades... If NASA honestly publishes ALL the LADDEE data. Hoagland will also discuss the startling, recent confirmations of "an ancient, high-tech civilization on Mars" -- confirmed in new close-up surface images from NASA's on-going Curiosity rover mission to Gale Crater.
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Hoagland will then outline how his decade of "on-site, 'torsion field' Accutron measurements" at ancient archaeological sites around the world, not only confirm the pre-historical existence of an "ancient, high-tech civilization" on Earth ... but, its deep connection to the larger, "Type II Civilization" he has been proposing once inhabited the ancient solar system ... of which humans are "the descendants."

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Bio: Richard C. Hoagland is a former NASA Consultant, and former Science Advisor to Walter Cronkite and CBS News during the epic Apollo Missions to the Moon. He is author of two bestselling books on his ~40 years of intensive research into the possibility of a "former, ancient solar-system-wide high-tech civilization -- " The Monuments of Mars: A City on the Edge of Forever (5th Edition) Dark Mission: The Secret History of NASA Hoagland is currently Principle Investigator of the not-for-profit space research and public-policy organization, "The Enterprise Mission."

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