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Wed Mar 7 - Ricky C. Butterfass - Paths to ET Contact

Ricky C. Butterfass is an Author and Researcher who studied Aerospace Science at Metropolitan State University of Denver and Solar Energy at Denver Community College, Red Rocks. Ricky is an acclaimed Associate Producer of the film Sirius Disclosure with Dr. Steven Greer. He is a close encounters of the 5th kind, CE-5 expert at CSETI and trains people how to proactively initiate UFO and ET contact. Ricky C. Butterfass is also co-founder of a new energy research company, GAEA and works as a Tech Support advisor for the Orion Project. He is a member of the National Space Institute, International Association for New Science, Institute for Noetic Science, and the World Future Society. He currently lives in Denver, Colorado. https://youtu.be/tUt9-Ufvrc8 Paranormal Supernatural Conference siriusdisclosure.com

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