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Mon Sep 3 - Rob Morphy - Bizarre Cryptides

Rob Morphy explores the most bizarre cryptid and alien encounters from across the U.S. He will also discuss the importance of being a self-proclaimed “Crypto Historian” and “Pop Culture Folklorist.” BIO: Rob Morphy is a writer, illustrator and graphic designer. The author of numerous articles for Mysterious Universe and cryptopia.us — the latter of which he is a co-creator and primary author/illustrator. He was a co-founder of the pioneering cryptozoological website americanmonsters.com and has also contributed to CNN, CBC, and illustrated for the TV show, Monsters and Mysteries in America. Morphy is currently a co-host on the paranormal themed Cryptonaut Podcast with Marc Storrs and Chris Carnicelli. cryptonautpodcast.com TWITTER: @cryptonautpod

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