Wed Mar 4 -  Robert Hastings and Dr. Bob Jacobs - UFO's and Nukes

Wed Mar 4 - Robert Hastings and Dr. Bob Jacobs - UFO's and Nukes

UFOs and Nukes researcher Robert Hastings and military whistleblower Dr. Bob Jacobs have recently acknowledged their previously concealed status as ‘experiencers’. They will also discuss their research on the UFO Connection and what this means for us. TRAILER: Dr. Bob Jacobs, a professor at Bradley University with a PhD in dramatic art from University of California Santa Barbara, started in television and film while still in college. He worked at the major studios, including Warner Brothers, Paramount Pictures, MGM, and as a contract player for 20th Century Fox. Just as his career was blooming, he was drafted into the armed forces, where he became a motion picture officer in the U.S. Air Force. He served five and a half years as a lieutenant, during which time he was involved in what is today known as the Big Sur UFO case. Dr. Jacob’s account of the Big Sur incident has been verified by other military personnel. Robert Hastings is the leading civilian investigator of UFO activity at nuclear weapons sites, who has utilized hundreds of declassified U.S. government documents and the testimony of 160-plus U.S. military veterans he has interviewed since 1973. Hastings has presented his research findings at more than 500 American colleges and universities since 1981, as well as at Oxford University in England. On September 27, 2010, he co-sponsored the UFOs and Nukes press conference in Washington D.C., at which seven U.S. Air Force veterans discussed their involvement in UFO-related incidents at ICBM sites and nuclear weapons storage depots during the Cold War era. CNN live-streamed the press event which was also covered by a great many other media organizations around the globe. Hastings has concluded that UFOs are craft from one or more other worlds, operated by entities who have, for whatever reason, an ongoing interest in humankind’s possession of nuclear weapons.
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