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Roswell 'alien autopsy' Film Debated Again

REAL ALIEN? Ray Santilli claims this is genuine footage from 1947 of a Roswell alien autopsy. Spyros Melaris exclusively told Express.co.uk he would take a lie detector to prove once and for all that the film released in 1995 was a “pure hoax” and not based on any original genuine material. The film’s producer Ray Santilli claimed yesterday the 1995 film was based on genuine footage. But his claim has been refuted by Mr Melaris who maintains genuine footage did not exist. Mr Santilli, who is CEO of Orbital Media Group, claimed yesterday that, although the 1995 film was made using actors, it was a “restoration” of original footage of the Roswell crash site and alien autopsy, that he had obtained, but it was of too poor quality to screen.

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