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Wed Dec 6 - Dr. Ruggero Maria Santilli - The Anti-Matter Galaxy

Dr. Santilli was born and educated in Italy where he achieved his Ph.D., the highest possible education in mathematics and physics, as well as a chair in nuclear physics at the Avogadro Institute in Turin. In 1967 Dr. Santilli was invited by the University of Miami Florida to conduct research for NASA. He moved with his family to the U.S. where he subsequently became a U.S. citizen. In 1968 he joined the faculty of Boston University, under partial support from the U.S. Air Force, where he taught physics and mathematics. In 1978 he became a member of the Department of Mathematics of Harvard University under support by the U. S. Department of Energy to study a generalization of quantum mechanics and chemistry needed for new clean energies and fuels. Dr. Santilli is the author of some 250 technical articles and 18 post Ph.D. level monographs in mathematics, physics, cosmology, superconductivity, chemistry and biology published the world over. He is the founding editor of three journals in mathematics and physics and editor of several others. Dr. Santilli is known in mathematics for the discovery of a series of new numbers, now called, Santilli iso-, geno-, hyper- and isodual-numbers. He is known in physics as the originator of hadronic mechanics and hadronic chemistry, which are the only known consistent broadening of quantum mechanics predicting new clean energies. Dr. Santilli is the recipient of numerous prestigious prizes for being among the most illustrious applied mathematicians of all times; he received two gold medals for scientific merits. Since the 80s, Dr. Santilli has been recommended by scholars around the world to the nominations for the Nobel Prize in physics as well as in chemistry. Currently, Dr. Santilli is the Chairman of the Board and Head Scientist of the new publicly traded company, Thunder Energies Corporation, which is developing the cleanest possible and most efficient possible combustion of fossil or synthetic fuels. Website: thunder-energies.com

Exhibits for Tonight

-1. Images of ETI's from the Santilli Telescope
0. Images of ETI's from the Santilli Telescope
1. A conceptual rendering that the expansion of the universe implies Earth at the center of the universe
2. A view from Wikipedia of the funnel-type geometry of the expansion of the universe requiring Earth at the tip of the funnel, thus again Earth at the center of the universe.
3. A geometric rendering of the lack of universal values for all observers of the relative speed between galaxies with ensuing catastrophic inconsistency.
4. A conceptual rendering of the necessity for the big bang to have occurred near Earth, with ensuing dearth at the center of the universe, besides the need for a slow explosion to fill up the universe with an almost homogeneous distribution of galaxies
5. A conceptual rendering of the inconsistency of the expansion of space itself due to the conjecture of its acceleration.
6. The anomalous redshift of galactic stars which has not been represented by the conjecture of dark matter for which it was proffered.
7. The view of the Sun at Sunset is visual evidence of Zwicky's hypothesis of tired light
8. One of Santilli's scans establishing that the redness of the Sun at Sunset is indeed a new type of redshift providing experimental conformation ofZwicky's hypothesis of the Tired Light.
9. A view of the epicenter of the 1908 Tunguska explosion in Siberia showing large devastation without any crater.
10. A picture of the Hiroshima-typpicturee devastation caused by the 1871 Chicago Fire that melted bricks without a crater
11. The majestic event of matter and antimatter annihilation, that is, their entire conversion to light with the release of huge energy
12. The attraction of matter light and the repulsion of antimatter light by Earth's gravitational field
13. The index of refraction of matter light and its opposite for antimatter light
14. The structure of the Galileo and Santilli telescopes
15. The 2014 first detection of an antimatter galaxy in the Vega region of the night sky
16. Sample of balls of fires in the sky that are now seen the world over that can be best explained scientifically as due to antimatter asteroids.

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