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Russian Scientists Make Anti-Aging Breakthrough

Russian biologists from Moscow State University have successfully tested a medication that is capable of slowing cells aging. In particular, the researchers proved that the medication has efficiently worked on mice. During the experiment, the researchers divided the mice into two groups: the first group was fed normally, while the second one's fodder contained a SkQ1 molecule, a powerful antioxidant that was discovered by the scientists several years ago. When the mice turned eight months, the differences between both groups became evident. The mice from the first control group started to rapidly losing their weight and showed other signs of aging like spinal deformation and hair loss. At the same time, the mice that were fed with a SkQ1 containing supplement didn't show typical signs of aging for at least additional 40-45 days. The scientists published the results of their experiments in the "Aging" journal. All in all, they managed to prolong the lives of the mice by 15%.

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