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Fri Oct 5 - Ryan Burns - UFO Events on Skinwalker Road

In our 1st hour, Ryan will discuss his series of inexplicable UFO events lead him to picking up a hitchhiker in his truck on the Skinwalker Ranch road. BIO: Ryan began researching the Uintah Basin on his days off. Skinwalker Ranch has held a special place in his heart ever since. Many years later, when his passion for answers could no longer be quenched on just weekends, he left his corporate job in Salt Lake City, and moved to the desolate and remote Uintah Basin to investigate Skinwalker Ranch full time. He delved into the enigma of Shapeshifting Native American Dark adepts and interaction with precognitive plasma-like intelligences. Whether it be rubbing the lamp of the D’jinn, grasping spirit liana through his Central American roots, studying soul science in the great work, or receiving the eagle’s gift from Toltec Shamans, the connection to the other side runs like a hidden undercurrent to his human existence. He revels in exploring realms of existence through remote viewing, deep meditative states, and understanding occult and esoteric knowledge, harnessing the light and it’s positive use for the awakening and betterment of human kind.

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