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Fri Nov 23 REPLAY of Tue Oct 9 - Ryan Singer – It's More Fun to Believe

Ryan Singer brings humor to a subject that is often taken too seriously. He is back to discusses the paranormal and his belief in ghost, bigfoot, magick, precognitive dreams and more! BIO: Ryan is the creator and host of one the top Science & Medicine podcasts on iTunes, ME & PARANORMAL YOU, the twice-weekly mindcast (podcast) in which he has in-depth interviews with people who possess paranormal abilities or have had extraordinary experiences. He was selected by LA Weekly as one of “10 LA Comics to Watch” for 2014, was mentioned in NY Magazine as a “Comic to Watch,” was one of 4 finalists in the original CMT’s Next Big Comic Contest. ryansingercomedy.com meandparanormalyou.com TWITTER: @rysing Referenced on the show:

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