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Scientific study of UFOs to be focus of new organization

The Scientific Coalition for Ufology (SCU) is formally launching today (October 27, 2017 and hopes to bring the discipline and rigor of scientific analysis to the study of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs), also known as Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs). A group of scientists, former military and law enforcement officials and other professionals, many of whom have decades of experience looking into UAPs, believe there are many unanswered questions, and that a serious examination is warranted. “SCU is composed of serious, dedicated, researchers who do not merely gloss over this subject, but rather they dive into it, investigate it broadly, remain objective and apply the scientific method and its principles to the study,” explained SCU board member Rich Hoffman. “We seek to have formal peer reviewed works being printed in journals, not tabloids.” Hoffman is an IT professional and a senior engineer at U.S. Army Materiel Command. He has been researching UAPs since 1964. Fellow board member Robert Powell explains why he feels an organization such as the SCU is necessary: “It is important that there exists a scientific organization that examines the UFO phenomenon in a scientific and open minded manner. There is too much silliness associated with this topic when the core reality of the phenomenon has potentially real implications for society. An organization that can be trusted to provide the media with an impartial and scientific view of the phenomenon is needed.”

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