Scientists are a step closer to creating the memory eraser from “Men in Black”

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Of all the cool gadgets in science fiction, one of the niftiest is the memory-eraser stick that Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones wield in the movie Men in Black. Now such a thing is a step closer to reality. Researchers at UC Davis have successfully erased specific memories from the brains of mice…by using beams of light. Yes—light—just like the “Neuralyzer” tool in that 1997 sci-fi comedy. Neuroscientists have long believed that memory retrieval involves two parts of the brain, the cerebral cortex and the hippocampus.”The theory is that learning involves processing in the cortex, and the hippocampus reproduces this pattern of activity during retrieval, allowing you to re-experience the event,” said Brian Wiltgen, one of the lead researchers, in a release for the study. More via MSN.

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