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Wed Feb 6 - Dr. Scott Taylor - A Shared Near Death Experience

Have you ever wondered what it's like to have an NDE? Have you wished you could experience some of the transcendent elements of an NDE without almost dying? Scott Taylor explores amazing accounts of near death experiences as well as his own fascinating personal experience. www.ndemeditations.com www.monroeinstitute.org/scott-taylor Into the Light Series BIO: Scott Taylor, Ed.D is one of the leading voices in qualitative research of NDEs. His passion is in discovering how individuals and society make meaning from the NDE now that science has proven the reality of NDEs and that our consciousness does not reside within the human brain. Dr. Taylor career in studying this arena started with a rare shared NDE. He studied and wrote about the insights gained from persons who have had near-death experiences. He is the voice and author of six best-selling meditation albums that explore the intersection of Hemi-Sync® technology and near-death experiences. Recently he was elected to be president and executive director of the famed Monroe Institute in Virginia. Here he has taught participants for 34 years on how to enter into and navigate expanded states of consciousness using Hemi-Sync® technology.

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