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Secret dossier dubbed 'Britain's X-Files' to be released after election - so what's supposed to be in them?

AN OFFICIAL government UFO dossier that’s referred to as “Britain’s X-Files” will be released in less than two months after the pre-Brexit General Election forced yet another delay to publication. The National Archive said it is planning to release a cache of about 18 files in the middle of June after the UK election has concluded. The cache of files is expected to include material relating to a mysterious and unsolved encounter that’s been likened to the Roswell UFO incident in America. Alien hunters lit up over the weekend after a German paranormal news website called Grenzwissenschaft Aktuell claimed Brexit had caused the delay, which follows a long string of other publication postponements. Experts then said conspiracy theorists were likely to seize on any delay as evidence the government is dead set on keeping the truth about aliens away from the public.

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