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Senate Bill to Stop Bigfoot Hunting

A senator from New Mexico has drafted and sponsored a bill to make it illegal for public funds to be used in the hunting of Bigfoot. The bill is in response to a trip taken by attendees of a University of New Mexico conference who explored the local wilderness seeking the legendary The UNM professor and director, Dr. Christopher Dyer, charged roughly $7000 to the university for this field trip. An avid Bigfoot researcher and investigator, he led a group of attendees into the nearby desert. Alas, while no evidence of the mysterious creature was found, some news agencies and politicians took notice. The money that paid for the conference and the trip was technically public money, and a few people definitely took issue with their tax dollars being used for such an expenditure. State Senator and ‘Squatch Blocker’ George Munoz is sponsoring a bill that would ban public funds from being spent on similar trips in the future which directly targets the “looking for or catching a fictitious creature.” Munoz told reporters that,
It’s sad that we have to do this, that they don’t have the ethics, that UNM doesn’t have the ethics to stop this…and now we have to draft bills to stop something that is not morally right.
The bill also stipulates a few other beasts and monsters that are off limits for public money. Some of the creatures included in the bill are Yeti, Abominable Snowmen, Pokemon, Leprechauns, and the Bogeyman. Read More: Mysterious Universe

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